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Posted on January 2, 2016

Here you can find a list of recommended resources, organized by target language. As time permits, I will write detailed reviews of each of these resources, with links to the reviews from this page. Unless otherwise noted:

  • Every resource I link to here, I have used, and I can recommend.
  • Links to are affiliate links–I will receive a small compensation if you buy after following one of these links.
  • Other than this, I receive no financial compensation from the authors or publishers of any of these resources.

General language learning resources



  • AnkiSRS is a flash card program (available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android) which makes remembering things, such as vocabulary, easy. Gabriel Wyner of Fluent Forever has put together some good video tutorials on getting started with Anki. His book, Fluent Forever, provides much more in-depth understanding of how and why to use an SRS system. I highly recommend it for any language learner.

Resources by language

Below is a list of resources useful to students of specific languages. Links that are not in English are prefaced by their two-letter language code in parenthesis.


These resources work for any language, so I list them here rather than repeat them for every language below.


  • Forvo features recordings for most common words in most languages. If the word/language you need isn’t there, you can request it, and a native speaker will generally record it for you within a day or two.

  • RhinoSpike is a language learning tool that connects you with native speakers to exchange foreign language audio files. Get any foreign language text read aloud for you by a native speaker!





Pronunciation Guides







  • (PT) Dicionário Priberam de Língua Portuguesa is my favorite Portuguese dictionary. It usually distinguishes between Brazilian and European Portuguese, so you can easily find the definitions that are relevant to the dialect you’re learning.



  • The (ES) Diccionario de la lengua española is the official Spanish language dictionary from the Real Academia Española. It doesn’t cover many slang terms, but is a must-use resource for any Spanish student.